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Schiphol Airport to Invest €3 Billion in Maintenance and Upgrades

    Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has outlined a plan to allocate €3 billion for maintenance and upgrades from 2024 to 2027. This initiative aims to enhance the airport’s infrastructure and services, prioritizing the quality of experience for employees, travelers, and airlines.

    Aerial view of Schiphol airport which is undergoing improvements.

    Infrastructure Improvement

    The plan includes major maintenance and renewal of several areas within the airport, including Pier C, the baggage basement, climate-control systems, walkways, aircraft stands, and taxiways. These improvements are necessary to align the airport’s facilities with its quality service and sustainability objectives, as Schiphol Airport CEO Ruud Sondag explained.

    Infographic of Schiphol Airport improvements (Dutch)

    “After too much of a focus on costs and growth for many years, we must now play catch-up in order to offer employees, travellers and airlines the necessary quality. Quantity took precedence over quality and that didn’t do the assets at our airport any good. Things need to be done differently and investments need to be made in our location and facilities to align everything with our quality and sustainability ambition,” said Ruud Sondag. “We are going to catch up on maintenance to improve, upgrade and make the airport more sustainable. This is necessary and in everybody’s interest at the airport. Good working conditions, reliability, sustainability and safety are our starting points. It’s a big task, with works at the heart of the airport and a continuous operation. Of course, we’ll do everything we can to limit the risk of consequences for travellers and airlines, but some inconvenience cannot be ruled out.”

    Project Details

    Renovations are underway in Lounge 1 to alleviate bottlenecks by expanding spaces and services. Lounge 2 is also undergoing partial development. Schiphol will renew over 200 walkways and lifts in the coming years, along with replacing 18 passenger bridges. The ongoing construction of Pier A is in the preparatory phase, with completion expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2024.

    Focus on Employee Welfare

    Baggage handling improvements at Schiphol Airport.

    Schiphol is addressing the welfare of employees with improvements to the working environment. Initiatives include the introduction of lifting aids at work locations in the baggage halls, the renovation of 136 rest areas and 224 toilet blocks, and measures to reduce emissions of diesel and jet engines.

    Sustainability Initiatives

    Schiphol Airport's new high-voltage power station.

    Schiphol is accelerating efforts to make the airport more sustainable. These include electrifying ground equipment, constructing a new high-voltage substation, and updating heating and cooling systems to sustainable alternatives.

    Safety Investments

    Taxiway maintenance at Schiphol airport.

    Investments in safety are evident in projects like the Dual Taxiway Quebec and the maintenance of aircraft stands and taxiways. Among the Schiphol Airport upgrades, there are also plans for adjustments to roads and viaducts to enhance the airport’s accessibility and safety.

    The investment and subsequent airport improvements will align Schiphol’s facilities and services with its quality, safety, and sustainability goals. While some may experience inconveniences due to construction and maintenance activities, measures will be in place to mitigate impacts on travelers and airlines.

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