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Nok Air Adopts Moment’s Flymingo Box In-Flight Entertainment

Moment has partnered with Nok Air, the Thailand-based low-cost airline, to enhance the in-flight infotainment experience for travelers.

Nok Air aircraft

Founded in 2004, Nok Air is the low-cost subsidiary of the national carrier Thai Airways. It operates flights from Bangkok and Chiang Mai to approximately 30 cities and islands in Thailand. Nok Air also flies to Yangon in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The airline is dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality services to its customers.

To achieve this goal, Nok Air will equip its 14 Boeing 737-800s with Moment’s IFE solution called the Flymingo Box. This wireless and battery-powered hardware server is easy to transport and install without requiring STC (Supplemental Type Certificate). The Flymingo Box is modular and customizable. It allows airlines to personalize their digital in-flight services. Airlines can add or remove modules such as entertainment, inflight magazines, e-commerce, and satisfaction surveys.

With this innovative solution, Nok Air passengers can access a pixel-perfect platform. It offers engaging entertainment options like video-on-demand, TV shows, games, and in-seat ordering services. The airline’s crew will also have a dedicated Moment app. With it, they can monitor the IFE system and the battery level of the Flymingo Box. The crew can easily manage streaming during announcements and oversee the in-flight shop with just a few clicks.

Enhancing the Passenger Experience and Generating Revenue

Nok Air IFE solution

By implementing Moment’s solution, Nok Air aims to improve the passenger experience while increasing ancillary revenues through dedicated features.

BOB “buy-on-board”: This in-seat shopping service provides a seamless shopping experience and enhances on-board sales of food and duty-free items. The crew app allows easy shop management, order processing, sales tracking, and inventory control.

Adserver: Nok Air can develop new advertising partnerships and monetize different advertising spaces with this feature. The airline can easily download ads, track their performance, and optimize campaigns using the latest technology and analytics tools. This will provide valuable insights into passengers’ interests. It enables Nok Air to offer targeted and personalized digital opportunities directly on passengers’ connected devices.

Panarat Jitthanongsak, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Nok Air, sees dual benefits in the IFE solution. He describes it as “a significant step towards enhancing our passengers’ journey experience while upholding our commitment to affordability and quality. Moment’s solution also opens up new revenue opportunities with its advertising solution, which can be easily managed by our team.”

Tanguy Morel, CEO and co-founder of Moment, adds, “Moment is delighted to partner with Nok Air on this transformative project. By delivering our solutions, Moment aims to elevate the in-flight infotainment experience and enable airlines like Nok Air to set new standards in the industry.”

About Nok Air

Nok Air is a budget carrier managed by Nok Airlines Public Company Limited. Thai Airways International is the major shareholder. The company was first registered as ‘Sky Asia Limited’ in 2004 and later changed to Nok Airlines. Since 2013, Nok Air has been trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The name “Nok” represents birds in Thai and symbolizes freedom, air travel, and friendliness.

About Moment

Moment provides entertainment, e-commerce, and connectivity services for the travel industry. The company’s comprehensive solutions are deployed globally across transport and hospitality companies, utilizing technology to enhance customer and crew experiences. Moment serves approximately 120 million passengers annually on airplanes, trains, and boats worldwide.

Since 2013, Moment has been recognized for its open-innovation projects and long-lasting client relationships. Operators and carriers like LOT Polish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and Air Cairo rely on the company’s agile mindset and innovative approach. Visit Moment’s website for more information.

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