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New Pacific Airlines Launches Flights to Reno and Nashville

Following a strategic name change at the beginning of the month, the former Northern Pacific Airways continues its Southern expansion. The rebranded New Pacific Airlines has announced flights to Reno and Nashville, flying out of Ontario, California, not its base in Anchorage.

After obtaining clearance to fly from the FAA, the airline first launched flights between Ontario (California) and Las Vegas. The airline then increased flight frequency on this route in response to demand. Now, New Pacific sees fresh opportunities in both Reno and Nashville.

Rob McKinney, CEO of New Pacific Airlines, expressed enthusiasm for the new destinations. “This is an exhilarating time for growth at New Pacific. Our expansion into the vibrant markets of Reno and Nashville represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer exceptional travel opportunities to passengers across the United States. We are excited to connect these amazing cities and provide travelers with even more options to explore.”

What’s Cool for New Pacific Flyers in Reno?

  • Reno, Nevada, known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure, world-class entertainment, and a lively casino scene.
  • The Reno, Nevada, area boasts an incredible ski season characterized by abundant snowfall and excellent mountain conditions, making it a sought-after destination for winter sports enthusiasts. With its stunning alpine landscapes and top-notch ski resorts, Reno offers an unforgettable winter experience for all who visit.

What’s Hot for New Pacific Flyers in Nashville?

  • Nashville, Tennessee, often called “Music City, USA,” is renowned for its rich musical heritage, thriving music industry, and vibrant cultural scene.
  • Nashville, Tennessee, welcomes visitors to the heart of country music history, enjoying performances at iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry. Additionally, the city’s rich culinary culture, diverse neighborhoods, and welcoming Southern hospitality create a memorable and immersive experience for travelers of all tastes and interests.

Growing Connections in Southern California

The authorities at Nashville Airport have expressed their hearty congratulations on this exciting partnership, emphasizing its positive impact on travelers. Similarly, Reno Airport welcomes the enhanced connectivity and travel opportunities this expansion will provide the region.

New Pacific Airlines expressed pride in its collaboration with Ontario International Airport. The airline is fully dedicated to expanding its services from this strategic travel hub, ensuring exceptional passenger experiences.

Northern Pacific Airways Rebrands as New Pacific Airlines

On September 9, Northern Pacific Airways announced that it intended to operate under the new name New Pacific Airlines. The airline’s CEO explained the strategy behind the change, saying:

“New Pacific’s updated name symbolizes our brand’s bold and decisive pivot. The word ‘new’ speaks to modern-day navigators driven by purpose and aspiration. It’s where the romance and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean meet the heart of exploration and discovery. Our home is in the majestic landscapes of Alaska. We continue to draw inspiration from the people of our great state. We would like to welcome you to New Pacific, where every flight is an opportunity to experience the world anew.”

But what about Anchorage?

Just last June, Northern Pacific unveiled its first-class lounge in the North Terminal of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. At the time, McKinney expected the airline would employ 250 locals and contribute millions to Alaska in tax. Eventually, the new route would contribute billions to the Alaskan economy by extending the tourism season. This was all based on making Northern Pacific Airways a pivotal northern route provider for flights to Asia. The airline’s founders touted the successful Icelandic model—a stop-over route to Europe—as their inspiration.

“We believe we can make tourism in Alaska an all-year-round affair,” McKinney said. “Think about the jobs that would create, not just seasonal ones, but lasting employment opportunities. It could be transformative for the state.” 

Originally, the airline aimed to launch its much-anticipated trans-Pacific flights by spring 2024. However, the ongoing Russian airspace overfly complications have delayed these plans.

“The Anchorage base has been challenged by the Russian overfly limits, which have put the long haul to Asia flights on hold until further notice,” a spokesperson for the airline explains. “The lounge is ready for passengers when long-haul flights via Anchorage commence – ready and waiting!”

The spokesperson also confirmed New Pacific’s ongoing plans to remain headquartered in Alaska despite operating much further south. “It’s firmly an Alaskan company, and there are no plans to change the head office location despite the partnership and base at Ontario International Airport.”

Travelers can find more details on the airline’s flights to Las Vegas, Reno, and Nashville at

The airline also offers air charter services for its Boeing 757 aircraft.

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