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Virgin Atlantic Adopts AFI KLM E&M’s Prognos Predictive Maintenance

AFI KLM E&M’s predictive maintenance solution adds value to Virgin Atlantic’s 787 fleet support package.
Virgin Atlantic adopts AFI KLM Prognos predictive maintenance.
Virgin Atlantic adopts AFI KLM E&M Prognos predictive maintenance.

AFI KLM E&M and Virgin Atlantic Airways have signed an agreement overseeing the deployment of Prognos for Aircraft solutions for the British airline’s 17-strong fleet of 787 aircraft. Through this agreement, the airline will benefit from AFI KLM E&M’s experience in predictive maintenance. Virgin Atlantic will adopt AFI KLM’s innovative in-house solution, which aims to optimize the value generated by maintenance programs in both operational and economic terms.

Using Data to Expect the Unexpected

Prognos for Aircraft adds extra foresight into planning components and equipment maintenance. It uses AI/Big Data technology to monitor aircraft parts and systems. In practical terms, the application can predict components and systems failures up to 50 flights before they occur. This allows airlines to plan repair or replacement operations ahead of time. It helps avoid AOG (aircraft on ground) situations and their negative consequences for airline operations. This solution supplements the Component Support services AFI KLM E&M has provided to Virgin Atlantic since 2014, designed to guarantee optimum aircraft availability and maximum coverage for the airline’s 787 fleet.

Video: Prognos Predictive Maintenance by AFI KLM E&M

How does it work?

Prognos increases operational reliability, anticipating maintenance needs. Easily implemented, this Big Data solution for maintenance services is both a tool and an analysis. It retrieves data daily from the airline’s aircraft, inflight, and during aircraft turnarounds. The data is stored securely to be analyzed daily by qualified engineers.

“We have set our algorithms to target alerts in an average of 30-50 flights before a fault becomes effective. That forecast has proved correct since out of hundreds of predictive part removals. There were no NFFs (No Fault Found), hence bad reports. Another cause of satisfaction has been the 50% decrease in items in the MEL (Minimum Equipment List) and pilot reports on systems monitored by Prognos.”

Crispijn Huijts, Digital Products and Services Manager, AFI KLM E&M

The Prognos solution offers predictive maintenance for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Engines, APUs, and Inventory.

Predictive Maintenance is a Paradigm Shift for the Industry

Neil Ambidge, VP of Engineering and Maintenance at Virgin Atlantic Airways, stated: “Predictive maintenance is a paradigm shift for the industry and holds major potential for an operator like Virgin Atlantic. AFI KLM E&M has developed advanced expertise in this field and an acclaimed tool in Prognos, which already harnesses valuable amounts of data from the 787 fleets operated by Air France-KLM and its other customers. Virgin Atlantic will now be able to rely on this program to further enhance the reliability of our operation for our customers, whilst also generating efficiencies we can benefit from.”

Pierre Teboul, SVP Commercial at AFI KLM E&M, added: “We’re honored and delighted that Virgin Atlantic is pursuing its long-standing shared history with AFI KLM E&M. Our innovative Prognos program is being taken up by more and more of our airline customers, with each one enhancing the tool’s effectiveness by enriching the data sets available. The tool is becoming a natural addition to standard support solutions in order to maximize the value generated by maintenance operations.”


Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance is a major multi-product MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) provider. With a workforce of over 12,800, AFI KLM E&M offers comprehensive technical support for airlines, ranging from engineering and line maintenance to engine overhaul, aero structure, and fan thrust reverser support, as well as the management, repair, and supply of aircraft components, structured around a powerful logistics network. AFI KLM E&M supports almost 3,000 aircraft operated by 200 major international and domestic airlines.

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