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SWISS In-Flight Entertainment: 5th Flying Film Festival

SWISS will supplement the in-flight entertainment on its long-haul services with its fifth Flying Film Festival from the beginning of December 2023 to the end of January 2024.

The latest edition of the SWISS Flying Film Festival features 14 entertaining short films by filmmakers from all over the globe. The two best films will earn an award, and a podcast will offer illuminating insights into the festival event.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will be staging the fifth edition of its Flying Film Festival aboard its long-haul services between 1 December 2023 and 31 January 2024. The festival, established in 2015 by filmmakers Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa, focuses on short documentaries and animated films. The festival supplements SWISS’s regular in-flight entertainment program. It spotlights young and talented directors from all over the world and presents their work to a broader audience. SWISS hosts the world’s only film festival that takes place exclusively at altitude.

Special awards for the two best films

This year’s Flying Film Festival will offer an intriguing selection of 14 short films from Belgium, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. The works include ‘Beautiful Figures’, a Swiss-Belgian co-production that earned the Flying Anidoc Award at Switzerland’s Fantoche animated film festival. An independent judging panel will give out two awards – the ‘Golden Wings’ and the ‘Silver Wings’ – at the end of the Flying Film Festival.

This year’s Flying Film Festival will feature an innovation, too: a special ‘Movies for Airplanes’ podcast offering illuminating insights into the festival itself. The podcast will be available on various streaming platforms.

SWISS Film Festival Program

Get the details on the fifth Flying Film Festival (including trailers) at

The 14 films selected for this year’s SWISS Flying Film Festival are:

  • Beautiful Figures by Soetkin Verstegen,
  • Bgirl Badli by Charlotte De Cort,
  • Champ by Cassandra Offenberg,
  • Discussions animées entre entendeurs de voix by Tristan Thil,
  • Everything wrong and nowhere to go by Sindha Agha,
  • Fino alla fine (Till the end) by Beatrice Perego,
  • Kajanaqtuq by Ella Morton,
  • Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen,
  • Men of Salt by Luis Armando Sosa Gil,
  • Notes sur la mémoire et l’oubli by Amélie Hardy,
  • Oasis by Justine Martin,
  • Violet Gave Willinglyby Claire Sanford,
  • Will you look at me by Shuli Huang and
  • Ympyrän neliöimisestä (Square the circle) by Hanna Hovitie.

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