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Norwegian Releases Tickets for 2024/25 Winter Season

The new year began in Denmark as the coldest start to January in 14 years. While the winter weather continues to show its teeth, Norwegian is launching the winter season 2024/25 program. It features 159 routes to 71 destinations, including popular European cities and the Danes’ sun favorites.

You can now plan next year’s winter trip and order your plane tickets for the period 24 October to and including the end of March 2025. Whatever you dream of, a weekend getaway in one of Europe’s historic capitals, a week or two along Alicante, or a skiing holiday in the Alps.

“We continue to fly to popular destinations where the Danes can thaw out a bit while winter unfolds at home. That is why we fly with high capacity to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Alicante, Malaga, and Barcelona in the winter program. London, Rome, Krakow, and Amsterdam remain big city favorites, and we have high frequency and competitive prices on flights to these cities,” says Magnus Thome Maursund, commercial director at Norwegian.

Norwegian winter season program includes sunny destinations in southern Spain.

Underrated Big Cities on Norwegian’s 24/25 Winter Program

The winter season is a travel period with many opportunities. The Alps dress in winter white for ski season. Southern Spain offers milder, warmer temperatures, and the capitals are often cheaper if you avoid the school holidays.

If you are adventurous, the big cities in Norwegian’s winter program are worth checking out. The airline offers flights to several underrated capitals, where the prices for both the flight and the stay are fair, and the experiences are superb.

For example, explore the Hungarian capital, Budapest, or the Latvian capital, Riga – both cities are rich in culture and history and offer affordable Michelin-star experiences.

Edinburgh is an excellent alternative to London. You will find city life, nature in the highlands, and grandiose cultural and historical experiences here. Edinburgh is a perfect contrast to stark Nordic minimalism.

In the coming Norwegian winter season 2024/2025, the airline offers 159 routes to 71 destinations for sale.

Norwegian Winter Routes by Nordic country:

  • Norway: 92
  • Sweden: 33
  • Denmark: 34
  • Finland: 10

Note: The total above does not equal 159 because some routes flown between two countries are counted in both countries.

How Norwegian Plans Summer and Winter Program

Norwegian has a summer and a winter program, which changes twice a year at the end of October and March. The summer program starts on Sunday, 24 March, with over 330 routes to over 120 destinations. In addition to a number of well-known, popular destinations, the summer program also features 17 new routes from Denmark. They include flights from Copenhagen to Valencia, Toulouse, Bilbao, Zadar, and Basel. The summer program also introduces Norwegian’s first-ever routes from Aarhus to Malaga, Alicante, and Mallorca.

Norwegian ranks among the top European airlines for punctuality and earned the title of one of Europe’s most punctual airlines in 2023. The airline offers attractive routes and a modern fleet. It has earned a high degree of trust among travelers.

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