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Alaska Airlines Wants To Bill Customers $5 A Month To Advertise To Them

Alaska Access is the airline’s new subscription service, which promises “to save on travel planning and costs.” 

Alaska Airlines has announced a new Alaska Access subscription program to alert passengers of flight deals tailored to their needs and travel patterns. The airline will charge a $5 per month subscription for this service, which is effectively advertising flights. In exchange, the airline offers discounted Wi-Fi onboard and other “cost-saving tools.” 

Interested travelers can already sign up for Alaska Access, as the subscription service is live. Immediately after signing up, subscribers will receive their first monthly voucher for Alaska’s inflight satellite Wi-Fi.

Alaska Access subscribers receive advanced alerts for major fare sales, exclusive pre-sale notifications, and access to a calendar showing the lowest fares for preferred destinations, which will highlight flight deals that might be of interest.

“We know time is valuable for our guests who are busy balancing a lot in their lives and we kept that in mind when we developed Alaska Access,” said Shane Jones, vice president of business development at Alaska Airlines, “Alaska Access is part of our commitment to make travel more affordable and convenient for everyone – whether planning for your dream vacation or returning home from college. Our new subscription service allows you to discover some of our best deals of the year right at your fingertips, in just minutes.” 

Image Credit: Joe Nicholson-Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Flight Pass Subscription

In 2022, Alaska Airlines launched the Flight Pass subscription service, which offers tiered flight passes ranging from $49 a month for up to six trips a year to $189 for up to $24 trips a year. This service includes:

  • Six to 24 roundtrips each year on Alaska Airlines
  • Access to any flight between 15 destinations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah with no blackout dates
  • A budget-friendly fixed monthly price for 12 months
  • Flexibility to change flights when your plans change
  • Seat assignments on every flight
  • Earn at least 500 miles for every completed flight
  • Enjoy free upgrades to First Class and Premium Class if you have Mileage Plan elite status.

Subscription services are a clever way to boost airline cash flow, which can benefit customers if they fly often enough. However, Alaska Airlines is truly innovating its revenue channels by offering to charge customers who want to save time searching for flights.

In its announcement, Alaska Airlines says it is “responding to the continued shift in consumer demand for personalized and tailored experiences” with the new subscription program. The airline promises it “brings value and convenience to travelers.” 

Alaska Access is launching in sync with the peak season for travel planning. This year, the airline sees a strong uptick in passenger bookings well ahead of the summer travel period.

Alaska Access Benefits

The airline has detailed the benefits of an Alaska Access pass:

1. Early Sale Access:

In-app notifications alert customers to the upcoming sale the night before open publication (customers can book at sale prices immediately). This would give members an advantage in finding sales seats for competitive routes.

2. Personalized Fare Page: 

Customers can personalize a fare page through Alaska Access and view some of the airline’s lowest fares by money and miles to over 500 global destinations. This will save time on travel searches.

3. Monthly Wi-Fi Voucher: 

If you fly often enough, the monthly Wi-Fi voucher might be attractive. Each month, from when you sign up for the Alaska Access Pass, you’ll receive a one-time-use voucher discount code that allows you to stream, browse, and chat onboard using the airline’s satellite Wi-Fi.  

If This Deal Sounds Good To You, Here’s Where You Can Sign Up

Signing up for Alaska Access is easy. You can review all the details, including Terms and Conditions. Recurly, a leading subscription management and billing platform, supports Alaska Access. 

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