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Geneva Airport is the Latest Addition to the SWISS Air Rail Network

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SWISS and SBB add Geneva Airport to the SWISS Air Rail network, enhancing intermodal connectivity for travelers.

SWISS and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have expanded their joint SWISS Air Rail network to include Geneva Airport. This means that SWISS passengers traveling via Lausanne, Fribourg, or Bern railway stations now have the convenience of SWISS Air Rail connections to both Zurich Airport and Geneva Airport.

Traveler on SBB train headed for SWISS flight with intermodal travel pass on smartphone.
Traveler on SBB train headed for SWISS flight with intermodal travel pass on smartphone. Image: SWISS

These new connections are available for booking and use immediately. Travelers can now smoothly and conveniently journey from New York to Lausanne, Fribourg, or Bern via Geneva. In addition, SWISS and SBB are integrating their technical systems further, providing SWISS Air Rail tickets with an SBB QR code. This enhancement aims to improve boarding pass checks and overall customer care.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) continue to expand their collaboration, offering an even wider range of services since their strategic partnership began in October 2019. The latest development is the extension of the SWISS Air Rail network to Geneva Airport, providing added convenience for SWISS customers traveling via Lausanne, Fribourg, or Bern.

With immediate effect, passengers can book and enjoy seamless SWISS Air Rail connections to both Zurich and Geneva airports. For example, travelers flying from New York can now easily reach Lausanne, Fribourg, or Bern via Geneva. To improve the travel experience, SWISS and SBB have also implemented an integrated ticketing system, allowing customers to use an SBB QR code for SWISS Air Rail tickets, enhancing the boarding process and overall customer satisfaction.

“We are working intensively with the SBB to tailor our joint products and services ever more closely to our customers’ mobility needs,” says SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “And we’re delighted that, in adding Geneva Airport to our SWISS Air Rail network, we have marked a further milestone in these endeavours which will give our customers in Western Switzerland both a broader choice of connections and an even smoother and even more seamless travel experience.”

“This further expansion of our joint SWISS Air Rail network makes it even more attractive for SWISS air travelers arriving in Switzerland to continue their journey by train – comfortably, congestion-free, and more seamlessly, too,” says Véronique Stephan, the SBB’s Head of Passenger Markets. “Our new direct SWISS Air Rail services from Geneva Airport make Lausanne, Fribourg, and Bern a single transfer away from New York.”

Experience the Convenience of SWISS Air Rail Tickets with SBB QR Code Integration

Introducing an exciting update for SWISS Air Rail tickets! Now, these tickets come with an SBB QR code, making boarding pass checks smoother. This innovative move is part of the ongoing collaboration between SWISS and SBB to streamline their systems. The ultimate aim is to enhance transparency for travelers, ensuring personalized information and alternative travel options are readily available in case of disruptions. Get ready for a seamless and convenient journey with SWISS Air Rail tickets!

Enhanced Accessibility to the Swiss Travel Pass on Elevating Travel Connectivity

SWISS and the SBB have a shared goal of providing travelers maximum intermodality options to fulfill their travel needs. To achieve this, SWISS is enhancing access to the SBB’s Swiss Travel Pass online, including the user-friendly website and the convenient SWISS app. These channels offer SWISS passengers various travel-related products and services, such as airport lounge access and flexible baggage collection options.

The Swiss Travel Pass is a convenient option for visitors to Switzerland, offering a single pass valid for three, four, six, eight, or 15 days. With this pass, travelers can explore the entire country using trains, buses, and boats. Moreover, by early 2024, SWISS will make regular Swiss public transport tickets available through its sales channels for added convenience.

Discover the Convenience of SWISS Air Rail for Effortless Travel

The intermodal SWISS Air Rail network has expanded, now connecting two airport rail stations and 11 popular destinations. These destinations include Geneva main station, Fribourg, Bern, Interlaken, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, Bellinzona, Basel (in Switzerland), Munich (in Germany), and Bregenz (in Austria). With new connections to and from Geneva Airport, SWISS customers can conveniently book their combined air and rail travel in a single step. The rail ticket is already included in the SWISS fare, which can be easily booked on or through travel agencies. Additionally, SWISS Air Rail travelers enjoy the convenience of checking in only once and receiving all their boarding passes directly from SWISS.

Thanks to the partnership between SWISS and SBB, customers can benefit from an extensive network of connecting rail services and guaranteed connections even during delays. For all rail travel, SWISS Air Rail users must take their booked train to or from the designated rail station.

Members of the Miles & More program can earn both award and status miles on their SWISS Air Rail tickets, with the number of miles earned depending on their connecting flight and class of travel. Furthermore, SWISS First and SWISS Business customers can enjoy first-class travel on their SBB train connection.

Get the full details of SWISS and the SBB’s SWISS Air Rail service.

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