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ITA Airways Bans Hunting Trophies In Baggage and Cargo

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ITA Airways has made a significant move in support of wildlife conservation. The airline has joined the #NotInMyWorld campaign of the global animal protection organization Humane Society International/Europe. The leading Italian airline has implemented a new corporate policy that strictly prohibits the transportation of hunting trophies on its flights, both as cargo and passenger baggage. This demonstrates ITA Airways’ commitment to ending trophy hunting and promoting responsible business practices prioritizing biodiversity protection.

ITA Airways. Airbus

Italy Leads Europe In Hunting Trophy Imports

Trophy hunting results in the killing of hundreds of thousands of animals for amusement and boasting. This includes endangered species. The hunt for trophies has led to declining wildlife populations, conservation challenges, and inhumane practices. Unlike subsistence hunting, trophy hunting involves killing animals for competition and entertainment. It often targets rare or sought-after species with distinctive physical characteristics to make them into trophies for display. The transportation sector plays a key role. Many trophy hunters fly overseas, intending to return their trophies home.

ITA Airways‘ commitment to banning the transportation of hunting trophies is particularly significant for Italy. The country is one of Europe’s primary importers of such trophies. Between 2014 and 2021, Italy imported 442 hunting trophies from protected mammals. That included hippos, rhinos, elephants, and lions. A survey showed that 86% of Italians oppose trophy hunting, and 74% support a legislative ban on trophy imports.

ITA Airways Hunting Trophy Policy

Elephants are among the endangered species protected by ITA Airways’ new ban on hunting trophies.

To enforce this new policy, ITA Airways has taken several measures. Firstly, the airline added hunting trophies to the list of prohibited items for transportation in passenger baggage and cargo. This ensures items are refused on ITA Airways flights. Additionally, the airline has published the hunting trophy policy on its official website, promoting transparency and accessibility. The airline updated operational manuals for cargo and ground procedures to incorporate the new provisions regarding hunting trophies. ITA Airways disseminated the new policy to all staff, hubs, and suppliers to ensure understanding and adherence to the new regulations.

Giovanna Di Vito, ITA Airways’ Chief Program Office, ESG & Customer Operations, emphasizes, “Our firm support for Humane Society International/Europe’s campaign to stop the import of hunting trophies into Italy and Europe reflects ITA Airways’ ongoing commitment to the planet, our country, and communities. Our Company’s new policy, which formalizes a ban on the carriage of hunting trophies on its flights, is a concrete action, our contribution to the protection of wildlife and the promotion of that protection. Indeed, we believe that companies have a key role in supporting and spreading ethical practices that represent real progress toward a more responsible and sustainable future.”

Support for Humane Society International/Europe

Martina Pluda, Director of Humane Society International/Europe in Italy, states: “ITA Airways’ support to our campaign and their new policy represent a highly significant contribution to the goal of ending cruel trophy hunting. In fact, the corporate sector also plays a huge role in the collective action necessary to protect threatened wildlife globally. With HSI/Europe’s #NotInMyWorld campaign, we continue to strengthen our commitment to the preservation of endangered animal species and flora and for the introduction of bans on the import, export, and re-export of hunting trophies from protected animals in Italy and Europe.”

ITA Airways’ dedication to wildlife conservation sets an example for the airline industry and encourages a responsible approach to travel that respects and protects biodiversity.

An increasing number of airlines, cargo operators, and transport companies worldwide are now adopting corporate policies against the transportation of hunting trophies. To find a comprehensive list of all transport companies with such policies, you can visit

Airlines also grapple with the illegal wildlife trade and have collaborated with airports, governments, and NGOs to stem this practice.

For detailed information on the new corporate policy implemented by ITA Airways, visit

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