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VINCI Opens New Domestic Arrivals In Santiago, Chile

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After 11 months of extensive work, Santiago Airport, which became part of the VINCI Airports network in 2015, has unveiled its newly renovated arrivals area in the Domestic Terminal (T1). This marks the beginning of an exciting refurbishment plan for the terminal to provide a top-notch experience for domestic flights within Chile. VINCI will expand and remodel the terminal to accommodate 20 million passengers by 2025.

Santiago Airport T1 Project Collaboration

The project was led by the concessionaire of Nuevo Pudahuel – Santiago Airport, a collaboration between VINCI Airports, Groupe ADP, and Gestione Concessioni. It includes several key enhancements, such as transforming various areas within the terminal, adding two new departure zones, and constructing a new T1-A building. The expansion will provide an additional 17,000 square meters of capacity, eight boarding gates, an array of convenient services, and various stores for travelers to enjoy.

Inauguration of New Domestic Arrivals in Santiago

Attending the grand inauguration of the renovated area were Jessica López, the Minister of Public Works; Verónica Pardo, the Viceminister of Tourism; and François-Regis Le Mière, the General Manager of Nuevo Pudahuel. Shareholders of Nuevo Pudahuel, including Valérie Vesque-Jeancard, the Managing Director of VINCI Airports (France, Chile, and Dominican Republic), as well as representatives from public services and companies operating in the terminal, were also present to celebrate this significant milestone.

“This facility is fundamental for our economy, since thousands of people, who travel to work or to visit touristic sites in Chile, travel through this terminal. After 11 months of work, we are inaugurating the new national arrivals area, which is within the framework of this final project that will benefit nearly 20 million passengers and considers a total investment of 60 million dollars,” said the Minister of Public Works, Jessica López.

Improved Domestic Arrivals Arrivals at Santiago (T1)

The recently expanded Domestic Arrivals Area boasts a remarkable increase in baggage claim carousels, going from six to twelve. This expansion includes adding a brand-new transportation area and various conveniently located shops and services. To enhance passenger experience, the facility now features improved lighting and updated signage, similar to the ones installed in the newly inaugurated International Terminal (T2) in 2022. These exciting developments guarantee passenger comfort in this revamped Domestic Arrivals Area.

“The arrivals area is the meeting point for our travelers coming from all over Chile, who represent 60% of all the airport passengers. Considering the significant increase in travel within the country, due to the rise of low-cost airlines, both this area and the building as a whole required not only an expansion, but also a modernization of its services. This work is aligned with the commitment of Nuevo Pudahuel and its shareholder groups to provide a high-standard infrastructure and the best passengers experience, with all the services, comfort and technologies they require,” said François-Regis Le Miere, Nuevo Pudahuel’s General Manager.

30th Anniversary Works

The building is undergoing modernization as it celebrates its 30th anniversary since its inauguration in February 1994. This comprehensive plan involves expanding the space, updating the shops and services, and giving it a fresh look. The airport will install new flight information screens and upgrade the bathrooms as part of the improvements. New areas will meet the highest infrastructure standards of the International Terminal.

The construction works presented a challenge to all stakeholders involved in the terminal. They had to carry out the renovations smoothly, with minimal disruption to the flow and experience of passengers.

Next steps

As the remodeling project progresses and reaches 24% completion, VINCI has started the second and final stage of refurbishing. The airport aims to unveil the newly refurbished facility by the second quarter of 2025. This phase involves the construction of the new T1-A building. Its design takes inspiration from the scenic central coast of Chile. With an investment of US$35 million, VINCI expects it to open in early September 2024.

Upon completion of the remodeling process, the Domestic Terminal (T1) will expand to 130 square meters. In addition, the number of boarding gates will increase from 22 to 42. This allows the airport to accommodate approximately 20 million passengers annually.

This project marks the culmination of the airport’s comprehensive Master Plan. Launched in 2015, the project involves a total investment exceeding US$1 billion. VINCI has already completed significant milestones. These include the new International Terminal (T2), four public buildings dedicated to Customs, SAG, Carabineros, and PDI, and two boulevards. Also included are numerous parking spaces (over 7,000), modernized cargo storage facilities, and two bus terminals. Additional spaces include a theater and an events room.

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