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Hawaiian Airlines’ New In-Flight Amenity Kits by Noho Home: Luxury and Sustainability

Hawaiian Airlines has long been synonymous with impeccable service, offering an experience that is deeply rooted in the spirit of Aloha. Now, the airline has partnered with Hawai‘i lifestyle brand Noho Home to introduce a new range of in-flight amenity kits and soft goods. These keepsake kits enhance the passenger experience, offering comfort and luxury while championing sustainability.

Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Business Class in-flight amenity kit
Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Business Class in-flight amenity kit

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

“Noho,” a term in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) means “to be, to dwell, or to come from.” Embodying this essence, the new amenity kits create a sense of place on Hawaiian Airlines flights. The amenity kits mirror the sumptuous comfort and sophisticated style of Hawaiian Airlines’ newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium cabin, the Leihōkū Suites. Every stitch, pattern, and texture is a celebration of the Hawaiian culture. It is a tapestry woven with motifs of Kilo Hōkū, Lele, and ʻŌlali that narrate tales of the islands’ enchanting landscapes and celestial skies.

Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Business Class in-flight amenity kit and soft goods feature the airline's new signature Kilo Hōkū and ʻŌlali designs.
Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Business Class in-flight amenity kit and soft goods feature the airline’s new signature Kilo Hōkū and ʻŌlali designs.

“Our collaboration with Noho Home was born out of the shared desire to create a sense of place and establish a connection to home while we bring our guests to their destination,” said Alisa Onishi, senior director of brand and community and cultural relations at Hawaiian Airlines. “We are very proud of the creativity behind these designs and can’t wait for our guests to receive them.”

Sustainability at its Core

From November 6, guests aboard the airline’s Business Class on long-haul international flights and journeys between Hawai‘i and select US cities, New York, Boston, and Austin, will be enveloped in an experience that is as eco-conscious as it is sumptuous. The amenity kits, featuring keepsake recycled plastic canvas bags, include essential items made with responsibly sourced ingredients. The airline offers an assortment of additional amenities a la carte to minimize waste. It’s all part of the airline’s commitment to a greener Earth.

Business Class seats will also feature a plush quilt adorned with the new signature Kilo Hōkū and ʻŌlali designs, as well as a mattress pad and sleeping pillow. Both the quilt and mattress pad use a fabric made from recycled plastic.

Extra Comfort and Main Cabin Kits

Extra Comfort and Main Cabin guests aren’t left out. They will receive charming new amenity kits featuring the Lele design.

Hawaiian Airlines & Noho Home Extra Comfort amenity kit features the Lele design
Hawaiian Airlines & Noho Home Extra Comfort amenity kit features the Lele design.

A Canvas of Celestial Beauty

Inspiration for the three designs came from the native Hawaiian practice of kilo, or careful and constant observation. They tell a story of exploration through patterns, colors, designs, and textures.

Kilo Hōkū, or stargazer, is a design inspired by breathtaking timelapse night sky photography. Weaving a wreath of stars, or Leihōkū, the design is a visual representation of the eternal nature of the cosmos, expressing the dance of stars and planets that have guided voyagers throughout history. Lele means to “fly or leap” and celebrates the marvel of flight and the spirit of adventure. ʻŌlali means to “glide smoothly,” like a bird in the air or a dolphin in the ocean.

Noho Home – A Testament to Art and Functionality

Jalene Kanani Bell, the visionary behind Noho Home, has masterfully redefined Hawaiian décor. Her designs intertwine art and function with a modern touch. “I am humbled, honored, and excited to draw inspiration from and bring attention to the art of celestial wayfinding and how indigenous knowledge informs innovation with the Leihōkū collection,” said Bell. “From the streamlined curves of humpback whales, which allow them to increase lift while reducing drag as they glide through the ocean or the aerodynamic shape of bird’s wings as they fly through a rainstorm. It is our hope that these products spark meaningful conversations and foster connections to our island home, rooted in the spirit of aloha.”

A Retail Odyssey with Hawaiian Airlines and Noho Home

This collaboration extends beyond the skies to retail. The Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Leihōkū Collection of home goods launches on November 6. Passengers and others can bring a piece of this uniquely Hawaiian experience home by buying onboard or through Noho Home.

Hawaiian Airlines – A Custodian of Hawaiian Culture

Marking its 94th year, Hawaiian Airlines continues to connect people with the spirit of aloha. Hawaiian offers approximately 150 daily flights within the Hawaiian Islands and nonstop flights between Hawaiʻi and 15 US gateway cities. Hawaiian also connects Honolulu and American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and Tahiti. Their commitment to exceptional service and sustainability makes them a Hawaiian culture and environment custodian.

The Timeless Allure of Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines and Noho Home have crafted an experience that is a soulful sojourn through the enchanting realms of Hawai‘i. Every amenity kit is a story and a connection. These elegant, sustainable kits reflect the airline’s commitment to offering an experience rooted in cultural richness and sustainable luxury. They echo the timeless allure of Hawai‘i and the unwavering warmth of Hawaiian Airlines’ hospitality.

For more information, visit Hawaiian Airlines and dive into a world where air travel meets art, luxury, and sustainability. Explore the mesmerizing collections of Noho Home that promise to transform spaces into sanctuaries of Hawaiian allure.

About Noho Home

NOHO HOME is a renowned brand that specializes in Hawaiian home decor. Their mission is to bring the essence of the islands to homes all over the world. They create high-quality, authentic, and sustainable products inspired by Hawaii’s captivating beauty and rich culture.


FORMIA, a leading global provider of travel amenities, is Hawaiian’s partner for amenity kits. They specialize in creating high-quality, custom-made, sustainable airline amenity concepts that passengers highly value. FORMIA offers diverse premium brands, allowing for tailored solutions and unique first-on-board offerings. They design curated products and experiences to enhance the entire travel journey for passengers.

About WESSCO International

For over 40 years, WESSCO International has been a trusted soft goods manufacturer for airlines, hotels, and cruise lines worldwide. The company provides branded amenities, passenger comfort items, and customized solutions. They help brand partners engage with their customers throughout the travel experience. To learn more about WESSCO, visit

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